As with all previous Heists in Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s out there free of charge as an update to the sport. You will need to have downloaded the most recent version of GTA Online to have the opportunity to take part within the Heist. At this time, that’s the solely requirement we’ve found to be restricting entry. The Casino Heist could be accomplished in three completely different approaches, all with completely different equipments and methods.

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You need to steal the NOOSE outfit if you wish to exit the casino without any one noticing or attacking you. There will be two since you will be finishing up the heist finale with a minimal of two gamers. You’ll additionally obtain a 4 star wanted stage when you enter the restricted a part of the police station, so be quick about it.

Get the outfit and rapidly head out, lose the cops and return to the arcade along with your NOOSE outfit. You can return back and get the opposite one as properly (or if you’re doing it with a good friend simply do it in one run). Be certain to take a look at our GTA Online Casino Scope guide for the following phases. That’s where to search out the on line casino heist and how one can begin the brand new heist in GTA Online.

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That’s the way you start the GTA Casino Heist, we’ve already been digging into the GTA Casino Heist weapons to take on the latest robbery within the city of Los Santos. If the basic GTA Casino Heist arcade property isn’t the place you need to plot your heist, there are a few fancier felony clubhouses you can buy, with a total of six arcade properties on the map.

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The host can make completely different selections to change the end result of the strategy and the getaway, in addition to the fee by selecting the customer (excessive stage patrons can be distant, however the payout is bigger). On the Setup Board, the participant could optionally buy three extras to practice for the finale in the arcade. The vault door is just out there if the participant found the vault blueprints on Ms. Baker’s desk when scoping the casino. Unlike previous heists, all setup and prep missions for the heist are carried out in Freemode, with necessary and optional ones that may be completed to make the heist simpler. Another big change is that Prep Jobs can now be performed in Invite Only/Friend/Crew classes, eliminating the chance of any undesirable PvP action.